What is STEM education?

STEM education is a learner-centered teaching approach offer students a problem based, transdisciplinaryAnd personalized learning experience. STEM education uses the fundamental practices and skills essential to the core disciplines of science, technology, engineering, Arts and humanitiesand Mathematics.

These essential skills challenge students to think critically, design solutionsAnd give evidence-based explanations through authentic real world learning experiences. STEM education creates meaningful journeys to the postsecondary success of students from kindergarten to grade 12 partnerships And career exploration with community entities.


STEM education has the unique ability to help students overcoming barriers to learning providing inclusive, accessible and culturally relevant learning experiences to engage students at all levels, accelerate learning through transdisciplinary experiences and innovative teaching approaches, and prepare our students for future success through the use of relevant, real-world learning experiences that encourage the development of life skills such as empathy, effective collaboration and communication as well as critical thinking skills, which impact student outcomes students in all fields, not just traditional STEM disciplines. This work will impact all Ohioans and help our entire state workforce thrive at every level. We know our partners are passionate about making this shared goal a reality in our state, but there has not been an opportunity to objectively assess the current state of STEM in Ohio or bring together all interested parties for focused alignment and collaboration.

So while STEM technically means “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” STEM education goes well beyond disciplines and content. The goal of STEM and STEAM schools is to foster intellectual, entrepreneurial And technical Talent through design thinking. This is vital to Ohio’s future economic growth and prosperity. Making this future a reality requires an education system aligned to help all Ohio students become innovators And inventors, independent and logical thinkersAnd technologically competent problem solvers.

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Use the pie chart and buttons below to access the Ohio Department of Education’s STEM Education website:

  • The quality model for STEM and STEAM schools: A framework that provides additional context and guidance for creating a culture of learning, innovating learning and teaching practices, and creating pathways to professional success.
  • STEM and STEAM designation: A list and map of current STEM and STEAM designated schools, the rubric used to evaluate applications, and additional information about each year’s application cycle.
  • Resources: Links to professional development, organizations leading STEM education initiatives, and other resources.
  • STEM Financial Reports: Five-year forecasts for Ohio’s eight independent STEM schools.
  • STEM Committee: A list of committee members and recorded minutes of meetings.

STEM Resources

Resources Quality Model for STEM and STEAM Schools STEM and STEAM School Designation Ohio STEM

Financial Reporting for STEM Schools STEM Committee

STEM Coordinates

Please email STEM@education.ohio.gov

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